Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need another account if I already have an Alamode Fashion Jewelry Wholesale account?
Yes, you will need a separate account to drop ship from Alamode Dropship. 

What type of packaging do you use for your drop ship orders?
We use an unbranded jewelry box. The style and type of box will vary depending on the size of the item and availability. 

Do you have a minimum advertised price?
No. You are free to advertise at whatever price you want!

Do you have UPCs for your products?
No, our items are all unbranded. You are free to register and use your own UPCs if you wish. If you are having issues listing on Amazon without a UPC, check out our tutorial on how to list on Amazon without a UPC.

Are you the same company as Alamode Fashion Wholesale?
Yes! But we created Alamode Dropship to cater specifically to drop shippers.

Can I place bulk purchases of these items at a reduced price?
Yes, for bulk orders, please visit our main store at alamodeonline.com. All items in The Alamode Outlet are available in the main store and are eligible for our bulk purchase discounts